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Alan Mangels

Mangels_AlanAlan Mangels is the ultimate lifelong learner. After getting a BA in Political Science at Cal State Fullerton, he joined the Army and served in Vietnam. Alan earned his JD, an MA in Public Administration, and completed all course work for a PhD in Environmental Planning. He subsequently taught semester courses in Environmental Policy and Urban Planning at Cal State Fullerton for a few years in addition to his full-time service as Deputy Attorney General for the state of California.

For 32 years, Alan practiced administrative law, serving as liaison counsel to the State Dental Board, the Osteopathic Medical Board, and the Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement. He also was the regulatory process advisor for the Department of Justice and was a co-drafter of the Knox-Keene Health Care Service Plan Act, which was the California law that regulated and managed health care plans. Maintaining his ties to the military as an active Reservist, Alan also served part-time for 18 years with the United States Army Civil Affairs units and Psychological Operations units, traveling to both Asia and Europe.

“A lot of people believe retirement is an ending but it can be a beginning of something even more exciting and useful; after all, what have you got to lose? Osher classes can be a part of that excitement – for preparation or just for the pure joy of learning.”