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The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI)

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (referred to as “Osher” or “OLLI”) is dedicated to providing excellence in lifelong learning opportunities for people aged 50+.   No tests, no grades, just learning for the sheer joy of learning!

“In the fall of 2000, the Bernard Osher Foundation began to consider programs targeted toward more mature students not necessarily well served by standard continuing education curricula. Courses often attract students of all ages eager to accumulate units to complete degrees or to acquire specific job skills. By contrast, the interest of many older adults, especially those who have retired, is in learning for the joy of learning – without examinations or grades – and keeping in touch with a larger world.” – osherfoundation.org 

OLLI at UCLA offers a wide range of non-credit courses taught by the high-caliber instructors and guest speakers for which UCLA is world-renowned.   OLLI courses are designed especially for adults over 50 who are eager to continue learning and staying active.  We offer lecture courses, discussion groups, creativity courses, movement courses, as well as special events, volunteer opportunities, and leadership opportunities.


In 2018, The National OLLI Network consists of:

  • 122 Institutes across 212 Universities & Colleges
  • 165,430 OLLI members
  • 364 towns & cities served

The OLLI at UCLA Network consists of:

  • 2 Campuses (Westwood & Woodland Hills)
  • Over 1,000 members
  • 150+ courses/year
  • 50+ instructors
  • 3 Member Committees
    • Curriculum Committee
    • Development Committee
    • Advisory Board
  • Various Volunteer Opportunities
  • Special Events/Field Trips
  • Private Performances
  • Discounted Event Tickets

For more information on how to become an OLLI at UCLA member, click here.

History of the Bernard Osher Foundation

The Bernard Osher Foundation, headquartered in San Francisco, was founded in 1977 by Bernard Osher, a respected businessman and community leader. The Foundation seeks to improve quality of life through support for higher education and the arts.

The Foundation provides post-secondary scholarship funding to colleges and universities across the nation, with special attention to reentry students. It also benefits programs in integrative medicine in the United States and Sweden, including centers at the University of California, San Francisco; Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston; and the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.

In addition, the Foundation supports a growing national lifelong learning network for seasoned adults. The Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes, operating on the campuses of nearly 120 institutions of higher education from Maine to Hawaii, have a National Resource Center at Northwestern University in Chicago. Finally, an array of performing arts organizations, museums, and selected educational programs in Northern California and in Mr. Osher’s native state of Maine receive Foundation grants.


To learn more about the Osher foundation and the history of OLLI, click here.