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Beyond the Headlines

The Beyond the Headlines speaker series features eight speakers per quarter, each presenting an in-depth lecture about the most significant contemporary, and often controversial, issues in the news. Pulled from today’s major headlines, our topics cover foreign policy, state and national politics, education, the economy, social justice issues, and more!

Enrollment for Spring quarter opens on Friday, January 31, 2020. Online enrollment begins at 8am: Click here to enroll online (add the course to your cart & check out). Phone enrollment begins at 8am: Call Registration at 310-825-9971, Ext. 601 (to bypass menu options).

Update: Beyond the Headlines has been cancelled in spring quarter. Our next session is in fall quarter.

Winter 2020

Date Lecture Speaker
Jan 14 The 2020 Presidential Election: What’s Ahead? Michael Dukakis, Former Governor of Massachusetts, Presidential Nominee 1988 (D-MA), Visiting Professor of Public Policy, UCLA
Jan 21 Turning up the Heat: Exploring the Impacts of Climate Change on Wildlife Populations and Global Biodiversity Graeme Gissing, MSc, Lecturer, Ambrose University; Director of Education, Stop Poaching Now!
Jan 28 Back to the Future for America’s Conservative Movement Pete Peterson, Dean of Pepperdine School of Public Policy, Senior Fellow at Davenport Institute, School of Public Policy, Pepperdine University
Feb 4 To Impeach a President Bill Blum, JD, lawyer, former State of California Administrative Law Judge, legal journalist
Feb 11 The Seven Tribes: The Voter Groups That Define California Mike Madrid, Principal at Grassroots Lab, Republican consultant who specializes in Latino voter participation
Feb 18 The New Middle East and the Future of the Region James L. Gelvin, Professor, Modern Middle Eastern History, UCLA
Feb 25 The March 3rd Election: Super Tuesday Bob Stern, JD, former president of the Center for Governmental Studies, a nonprofit research organization located in Los Angeles; former chair of the Council on Governmental Ethics Laws; and former general counsel for the California Fair Political Practices Commission.
Mar 10 Russia and China’s Evolving Relationship Eugeniu Han, Researcher, RAND


Spring 2020: Please note that Beyond the Headlines is cancelled this spring.

Date Lecture Speaker
Apr 7 Mass Shootings: Violence and Guns in America John Snibbe, PhD, retired program head, Psychiatric Mobile Response Team Operations, L.A. County Department of Mental Health
Apr 14 Of Bats and Boats: Preventing Pandemics in an Interconnected World Timothy Brewer, MD, Professor of Medicine, member of the Division of Infectious Diseases at the David Geffen School of Medicine
Apr 21 Finding, (and Creating) Happiness: An Evolutionary Approach Jay Phelan, PhD, Professor, UCLA Life Sciences Core Program
Apr 28 Current Issues in Public Education Today: Thoughts and Considerations Looking Forward Ilene Straus, Ed.D., Vice President, CA State Board of Education; Lecturer, UCLA Graduate School of Education
May 5 The Midlife Crisis of the Roberts Court:  How History and Legacy Leaven the Supreme Court Kurt Hohenstein, PhD, JD, MA; former Associate Professor of History, Winona State University; SEC Historical Society
May 12 Climate Change in Los Angeles County: Grid Vulnerability to Extreme Heat Eric Fournier, PhD, Research Director, Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, California Center for Sustainable Communities
May 19 The US-China Economic Outlook: the Great Trade Agreement and the Great Tech Divide William Yu, PhD, Economist, Anderson Forecast
May 26 Rafiq Dossani, PhD, Director, RAND Center for Asia Pacific Policy; Senior Economist; Professor, Pardee RAND Graduate School