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Beyond the Headlines

The Beyond the Headlines speaker series features eight speakers per quarter, each presenting an in-depth lecture about the most significant contemporary, and often controversial, issues in the news. Pulled from today’s major headlines, our topics cover foreign policy, state and national politics, education, the economy, social justice issues, and more!

Enrollment for spring quarter opens on Friday, February 1, 2019. Online enrollment begins at 12am: Click here to enroll online (add the course to your cart & check out). Phone enrollment begins at 8am: Call Registration at 310-825-9971.

Spring 2019

Date Lecture Speaker
Apr 9 Why Populism? Rogers Brubaker, PhD, Professor of Sociology, UCLA
Apr 16 Welcome to the Anthropocene: Understanding the Causes and Consequences of the Dramatic Global Decline in Wildlife Graeme Gissing, MSc, Lecturer, Ambrose University; Director of Education, Stop Poaching Now!
Apr 23 Racism and the Law: Contemporary Issues and Historical Context Paul von Blum, JD, Senior Lecturer in African American Studies and Communication Studies, UCLA
Apr 30 Trump’s Foreign Policy Derek Shearer, PhD, Former Ambassador and Professor, Occidental College
May 7 The Future of the Korean peninsula: Alternative Scenarios and their Implications Troy Smith, PhD, Associate Economist, RAND Corporation; Professor, Pardee RAND Graduate School
May 14 Before & After Trump: The US Immigration System John Q. Khosravi, Esq., Managing Attorney of the JQK Law Firm, Adjunct Professor of Immigration Law at Pepperdine Law School
May 21 The Supreme Court Completes another Term: Where is it Headed? Bill Blum, JD, lawyer, former State of California Administrative Law Judge, legal journalist
May 28 Imbalance of Power: How Executive Action and Legislative Lethargy Undermine Democratic Ideals Kurt Hohenstein, PhD, JD, MA; former Associate Professor of History, Winona State University; SEC Historical Society

Winter 2019

Date Lecture Speaker
Jan 22 US-China Trade and Investment Relations Rafiq Dossani, PhD, MBA, Director, RAND Center for Asia Pacific Policy; Senior Economist; Professor, Pardee RAND Graduate School
Jan 29 We the Corporations: How American Businesses Won Their Civil Rights via Citizens United and Hobby Lobby Adam Winkler, JD, MA, Professor of Law, UCLA School of Law. Author of We the Corporations: How American Businesses Won Their Civil Rights (2018).
Feb 5 California’s Clean Air Leadership: Demonstrated Success Now Under Threat Meredith Hankins, JD, Shapiro Fellow in Environmental Law and Policy at UCLA School of Law
Feb 12 After Brexit: Brexit and its implications for the United Kingdom, the European Union and the United States Troy Smith, PhD, Associate Economist, RAND Corporation; Professor, Pardee RAND Graduate School
Feb 19 Reconstructing the Administrative State Emerson Blake, PhD, Assistant Professor of Law at UCLA School of Law
Feb 26 Changing Demographics and the Economy Mark Pisano, Professor, USC
Mar 5 Region in Turmoil: The Middle East and its Unending Civil Wars Shahin Berenji, PhD, Lecturer, UCLA
Mar 12 Show Me The Money: the Costs and Benefits of Campaign Finance Disclosure Abby Wood, JD, PhD, Professor of Law; USC, Law consultant for USAID, World Bank, and the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs