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Spring 2020

The OLLI at UCLA program offers non-credit courses geared to those seeking a high quality and enjoyable adventure in learning. There are no tests, grades, or homework – just learning for the sheer joy of learning!

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, we have moved our spring classes to Zoom, an easy and intuitive video conferencing platform. We are updating our list of our spring courses, so please check back. All courses marked with an * have just been added.

You must be a current OLLI member to enroll in all courses except Taste of Osher.
For more information about a course, or to enroll, click on the course name.

To register, please register online. Unfortunately, registration by phone is not available at this time. For directions on how to enroll online, please click here.

Taste of Osher

These 2-hour lectures are open to the public as well as OLLI members.


Course Day / Time Start Date Status
Peace Corps Service Later in Life Cancelled – moved to fall 2020
* The History of Hotels in America Sat, 10am-12pm April 4 Online (Zoom)
Japanese American Internment: Memories of Heart Mountain Wed, 1-3pm 15-Apr Online (Zoom)
Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?
* The Viennese Secessionists and the Wiener Werkstätte Sat, 10am-12pm 18-Apr Online (Zoom)
Running For Life Cancelled – moved to fall 2020
Understanding Autism Sat, 10am-12pm 25-Apr Online (Zoom)
Election 2020: How and Why (a very few) Americans Pick their Presidential Nominees Sat, 10am-12pm 2-May Online (Zoom)
Bad Intentions: Defining Political Corruption from Watergate to the Age of Trump Mon, 1-3pm 4-May Online (Zoom)
Fall Prevention Workshop: Part 1 Cancelled
Yiddish Bingo Cancelled – moved to fall
Audrey’s Docutalk: Raise Hell: The Life and Times of Molly Ivins Cancelled

Instructor-Led Courses

Our Instructor-Led program offers non-credit courses geared to those seeking a high quality and enjoyable adventure in learning. There are no tests, grades, or homework, though some courses include readings. OLLI’s Instructor-Led courses are taught by the high-caliber instructors and guest speakers for which UCLA Extension is world renown. Our courses explore art, music, literature, history, science, languages, psychology, current events, and many other exciting fields.

Course Day / Time Start Date Location
Coming to Terms with the Holocaust, Part II Mon, 10am-12pm 30-Mar Online (Zoom)
Best in Shorts Cancelled
* A History of Visual Communication and Design Mon, 1-3pm 30-Mar Online (Zoom)
The Early Republic of the United States Mon, 1-3pm 30-Mar Online (Zoom)
The Evolution of Jazz Tue, 10am-12pm 31-Mar Online (Zoom)
From Manet to Monet: The Influences and Relationships between Realism and Impressionism Tue, 1-3pm 31-Mar Online (Zoom)
Why (Re)Read George Orwell in 2020: Part 2 Cancelled – moved to fall 2020
Rock and Roll in the Sixties Cancelled
Mysticism: East and West Cancelled – moved to fall 2020
Classic Albums: How the LP Changed Music Forever Thu 6:30-8:30pm 2-Apr Online (Zoom)
Art of the Northern Renaissance Thu, 1-3pm 2-Apr Online (Zoom)
Music of Johannes Brahms Fri, 10am-12pm 3-Apr Online (Zoom)
Mozart: Part 2 Fri, 1-3pm 3-Apr Online (Zoom)
Funny Love: Movies that Make Us Laugh at Ourselves Cancelled
Rumi Short Stories Sun, 12-2pm 5-Apr Online (Zoom)
Beyond the Headlines Cancelled
Introduction to Russian Classical Music Tue, 1-3pm 21-Apr Online (Zoom)
Cinema and Music of the Soviet Union Wed, 1 -3pm 22-Apr Online (Zoom)
How Chocolate Conquered the World, Part 2: 1840 to the Present Cancelled – moved to fall 2020

Discussion Groups

Discussion groups are for members who want to ask questions, offer answers and share their knowledge in the classroom. Established instructors act as facilitators to create an environment in which participants explore subjects in an atmosphere of intellectual stimulation, creative self-expression, and socializing without the expectation of tests or grades. Depending on the nature of the course, there could be a modest amount of preparation before class begins and you may be called upon for your insights – members should be ready to participate!

Course Day / Time Start Date Location
Great Italian Cinema Cancelled
* The Mind of Leonardo da Vinci Tues, 1-3pm 31-Mar Online (Zoom)
Joan Didion’s Remarkable Take on America Wed, 10am-12pm 1-Apr Phone Conference
You Call That Art? Wed,  10am-12pm 1-Apr Online (Zoom)
The Libretto: the Unsung Hero of Opera Thu, 1-3pm 2-Apr Online (Zoom)
Musicals with a Serious Theme Cancelled
* Source Buddhism Thu, 1-3pm 2-Apr Online (Zoom)
* Poetry Made Easy, Exciting and Vital Cancelled
Current Events: Understanding Our World Thur, 10am-12pm 16-Apr Online (Zoom)
Ways of Looking at Contemporary Art Thu, 1-3:30pm 7-May Online (Zoom)
The Art of Mindfulness: Part 3 Tue, 1-3pm 12-May Online (Zoom)
Eastwood by Eastwood Cancelled

Foreign Languages

OLLI at UCLA offers courses in Intermediate French and varying levels of Spanish.  Language courses are discussion heavy and members should be ready to participate and share their insights.

Course Day / Time Start Date Location
Spanish IV for Everyday Life Tue, 10am-12pm 31-Mar Online (Zoom)
High-Level Spanish Conversation Tue, 1-3pm 31-Mar Online (Zoom)
Intermediate French Conversation Tue, 6:30-8:30pm 31-Mar Online (Zoom)
Real Life Spanish Conversation I Thur, 10am-12pm 2-Apr Online (Zoom)
Real Life Spanish Conversation II Thu, 1-3pm 2-Apr Online (Zoom)

Creativity, Games, and Movement

These courses are interactive! Members are able to practice or apply what they learn in class.

Course Day / Time Start Date Location
Intermediate Chess Cancelled
Reading and Acting Shakespeare’s Richard III Cancelled
Bridge for Absolute Beginners: Part 2 Cancelled – moved to summer
Drawing is a Feeling II: Exploring Light, Shade, and Shadow Tue, 1-3:30pm 31-Mar Online (Zoom)
The Butler Did It…or Did He? Cancelled
Tai Chi, The Art of Effortless Movement Cancelled
Beginning Gentle Yoga Wed, 1-2:30pm 1-Apr Online (Zoom)
Beginning Mah Jongg Cancelled
Intermediate Mah Jongg Cancelled
Advanced Mah-Jongg Cancelled
Advanced Mah-Jongg Cancelled
iPhone Photography Workshop: Creating Works of Art Cancelled
Intermediate Yoga Thu. 6:30-8pm 2-Apr Online (Zoom)
Lawn Bowling Fun Cancelled