UCLA Extension

Winter 2019

Types of Courses

You must be a current OLLI member to enroll in all courses except Taste of Osher.
For more information about a course, or to enroll, click on the course name.

To register, please call the UCLA Extension registration office at 310-825-9971.  If you create a MyExtension account, you can also register for courses online by logging into your account and then adding the course(s) you want to your shopping cart.  For directions on how to create a MyExtension account click here.

Taste of Osher

These 2-hour lectures are open to the public. The fee is $15. Plus members pay no additional fee.

Course Name Start Date Day Location
The Crisis of Homelessness and the Non-compliant Mentally Ill in our Society 12-Jan Saturday Woodland Hills
Running For Life 19-Jan Saturday Westwood
Jazz: America’s Music 19-Jan Saturday Woodland Hills
Islamic Law, Iran, and Women 2-Feb Saturday Woodland Hills
Audrey’s DocuTalk: Crazywise 22-Feb Friday Westwood
Notable Highlights in Food History 26-Jan Saturday Woodland Hills
An Introduction to the Development and History of Photography  16-Mar Saturday Woodland Hills

Instructor-Led Courses

Our Instructor-Led program offers non-credit courses geared to those seeking a high quality and enjoyable adventure in learning. There are no tests, grades, or homework, though some courses include readings. OLLI’s Instructor-Led courses are taught by the high-caliber instructors and guest speakers for which UCLA Extension is world renown. Our courses explore art, music, literature, history, science, languages, psychology, current events, and many other exciting fields.

Course Name Start Date Day Location
Introduction to Renaissance Art 7-Jan Monday Westwood
Japanese Buddhism, Part 2 7-Jan Monday Westwood
Neoclassicism in America 1750-1900 8-Jan Tuesday Westwood
Spanish III for Everyday Life 8-Jan Tuesday Westwood
After Impressionism: The Post-Impressionists and into the 20th Century 8-Jan Tuesday Woodland Hills
From Race Films to Mainstream Movies:  Black Films of the 1930s-1950s 8-Jan Tuesday Westwood
Islam 101: A Primer 9-Jan Wednesday Westwood
All About Bone 10-Jan Thursday Westwood
Art in Post-War Europe and America 10-Jan Thursday Westwood
The Femme Fatales of Film 11-Jan Friday Westwood
Myths and Fairy Tales 13-Jan Sunday Westwood
Jazz and Modernism in Mid-Century America 14-Jan Monday Westwood
Beyond the Headlines 22-Jan Tue Westwood
Music of France during the Nineteenth Century 1-Feb Fri Westwood
Paris Between Two World Wars: Art, Culture, Life 12-Feb Tue Woodland Hills
The History of Food in California: From Indigenous to International, Part 1 14-Feb Thursday Westwood
The Operas of Verdi 19-Feb Tue Westwood
Evolution of Science, Part 2 21-Feb Thursday Westwood
The Taste of Chocolate 6-Mar Wed Westwood

Discussion Groups

Discussion groups are for members who want to ask questions, offer answers and share their knowledge in the classroom. Established instructors act as facilitators to create an environment in which participants explore subjects in an atmosphere of intellectual stimulation, creative self-expression, and socializing without the expectation of tests or grades. Depending on the nature of the course, there could be a modest amount of preparation before class begins and you may be called upon for your insights – members should be ready to participate!

Course Name Start Date Day Location
Intermediate Chess 7-Jan Monday Westwood
Myths, Legends, and Folklore of Los Angeles 7-Jan Monday Westwood
Beginning Bridge 8-Jan Tuesday Beverly Hills Bridge Club
High-Level Spanish Conversation 8-Jan Tuesday Westwood
Intermediate French Conversation 8-Jan Tuesday Westwood
Poetry Made Easy, Exciting and Vital 9-Jan Wednesday Westwood
Great Playwrights of the 20th Century Part 2 9-Jan Wednesday Westwood
Current Events: Understanding Our World 10-Jan Thursday Westwood
Real Life Spanish Conversation I 10-Jan Thursday Westwood
Real Life Spanish Conversation II 10-Jan Thursday Westwood
Great Italian Cinema 10-Jan Thursday Westwood
Knowing Ourselves through Our Dreams, Part II: The Collective Unconscious 11-Jan Friday Westwood
Ways of Looking at Contemporary Art 22-Jan Tuesdays Westwood
Mah-Jongg 14-Feb Thursday Westwood

Creativity and Movement

These courses are interactive! Members are able to practice or apply what they learn in class.

Course Name Start Date Day Location
Poetry, Imagery and the Senses 7-Jan Monday Westwood
Tai Chi, The Art of Effortless Movement 9-Jan Wednesday Westwood
Drawing Studio 10-Jan Thursday Westwood
Gentle Yoga 10-Jan Thursday Westwood
Reading and Acting Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Part I 19-Feb Tuesdays Westwood