UCLA Extension

Winter 2018

Types of Courses

You must be a current OLLI member to enroll in any Instructor-Led Courses, Discussion Groups, or the Beyond the Headlines lecture series. Taste of Osher courses are open to the public.

For more information about a course, or to enroll, click on the course name.

Taste of Osher

These 2-hour lectures are open to the public. The fee is $15. Plus members pay no additional fee.

Course Name Start Date Location
Smart Phone Photography Sat, Jan 13, 10a-12p  Warner Center, 21650 Oxnard St
How Memory Works in the Brain and How to Keep Your Memory Working  Better, Longer  Sat, Jan 13 10a-12p  1145 Gayley Center, 121
 Smart Phone Photography  Sat, Jan 20, 10a-12p  1145 Gayley Center, 114
 Running for Life  Sat, Jan 27. 10a-12p  1145 Gayley Center, 119A
 An Introduction to the Development and History of Photography  Sat, Mar 10, 10a-12p  1145 Gayley Center, 121 CDE
Audrey’s DocuTalk TBD  TBD

Instructor-Led Courses

Our Instructor-Led program offers non-credit courses geared to those seeking a high quality and enjoyable adventure in learning. There are no tests, grades, or homework, though some courses include readings. OLLI’s Instructor-Led courses are taught by the high-caliber instructors and guest speakers for which UCLA Extension is world renown. Our courses explore art, music, literature, history, science, languages, psychology, current events, and many other exciting fields.

Course Name Start Date Location
Cancelled- Coming to Terms with the Holocaust, Part 8: The American Response  Cancelled Cancelled
 Japanese Buddhism, Part 1  Mon, Jan 8, 1p-3p 1010 Westwood, 320
 The Blues: How Three-Chords Became Rock & Roll  Mon, Jan 8, 1p-3p  Warner Center, 21650 Oxnard St.
 Jivin’ In Bebop: The Modern Jazz Revolution 1945-1950  Mon, Jan 8, 6:30p-8:30p  1145 Gayley Center, 114
 All About Bone  Tue, Jan 9, 1p-3p  1010 Westwood, 320
 Spanish III for Everyday Life  Tue, Jan 9, 1p-3p  1010 Westwood, 218
 Einstein for Everyone  Tue, Jan 9, 1p-3p  Warner Center, 21650 Oxnard St.
 The Seventies  Wed, Jan 10, 10a-12p 1010 Westwood, 320
 The 6 C’s of Food History: Cake, Corn, Coffee, Cheese, Chilies, Chocolate  Wed, Jan 10-1p-3p  Warner Center, 21650 Oxnard St.
 Public Policy in the Real World  Wed, Jan 10, 6:30p-8:30p 1145 Gayley Center, 114
Food History in 8 Tasty Bites  Thur, Jan 11, 10a-12p  1010 Westwood, 214
Two Centuries of American Art: 1776 to 1976  Thur, Jan 11, 1p-3p  Lindbrook Ctr, 10920 Lindbrook, 204
 Basic Psychopathology: A Journey Through the Major Mental Health Diagnoses, Part I  Thur, Jan 11, 1p-3p  Warner Center, 21650 Oxnard St.
 Unfaithful: Infidelity in the Movies  Fri, Jan 12, 1p-3:30p  10995 Le Conte Ave., G33E
 Surfs Up: The Life and Times of the Brian Boys  Tue, Jan 16, 10a-12p  1010 Westwood, 214
 Henry James  Sun, Jan 21,  12p-2p  1010 Westwood, 320
Beyond the Headlines
Beyond the Headlines
Tues, Jan 23-Mar 13, 10:30a-12p
Wed, Jan 24-Mar 14, 10:30a-12p
Lindbrook Ctr, 10920 Lindbrook, 204
Lindbrook Ctr, 10920 Lindbrook, 204
 Beethoven   Fri, Jan 26, 10a-12p  1010 Westwood, 320
Cosmology, Astronomy, and Space Exploration in the News  Wed, Feb 14, 1p-3p  1010 Westwood, 320
 Cancelled- Shakespeare for Beginners and Experts, Part IV Cancelled  Cancelled
  The Paris Experience  Tue, Feb 20, 1p-3p  Warner Center, 21650 Oxnard St.
Art of the Renaissance Wed, Feb 21, 1p-3p  Warner Center, 21650 Oxnard St.
 Basic Psychopathology: A Journey Through the Major Mental Health Diagnoses, Part II Thur, Feb 22, 1p-3p Warner Center, 21650 Oxnard St.
 The Wonderful World of Gilbert & Sullivan   Thur, Mar 1, 1p-3p   1010 Westwood, 320
 The Taste of Dark Chocolate  Mon, Mar 19, 1p-3p  Warner Center, 21650 Oxnard St.

Discussion Groups

Discussion groups are for members who want to ask questions, offer answers and share their knowledge in the classroom. Established instructors act as facilitators to create an environment in which participants explore subjects in an atmosphere of intellectual stimulation, creative self-expression, and socializing without the expectation of tests or grades. Depending on the nature of the course, there could be a modest amount of preparation before class begins and you may be called upon for your insights – members should be ready to participate!

Course Name Start Date Location
 High-Level Spanish Conversation  Tue, Jan 9, 10a-12p  1010 Westwood, 310
 Intermediate French Conversation  Tue, Jan 9, 6:30p-8:30p  1145 Gayley Center, 119A
 Current Events: Understanding Our World  Thur, Jan 11, 10a-12p  10920 Lindbrook, 204 ABC
 Poetry Without Fear  Fri, Jan 12, 10a-12p  1010 Westwood, 218
 Social and Moral Dilemmas in Film  Tue, Jan 16, 1p-3:30p  10995 Le Conte Ave., G33E
 Supermetaphysics  Wed, Jan 17, 1p-3p  1010 Westwood, 218
 Real Life Spanish Conversation I  Thur, Jan 18, 10a-12p  1010 Westwood, 218
 Real Life Spanish Conversation II  Thur, Jan 18, 1p-3p  1010 Westwood, 218
 Shakespeare the Philosopher II Fri, Jan 19, 1p-4p
Feb 23 only- in room G33E
 10995 Le Conte Ave., G33W
 Intermediate Chess  Mon, Jan 22, 10a-12p  1010 Westwood, 418
 Ways of Looking at Contemporary Art  Tues, Jan 23, 1p-3p  1010 Westwood, 416
 The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Through Film  Tues, Feb 6, 1p-4p  1010 Westwood, 313


Creativity and Movement

These courses are interactive! Members are able to practice or apply what they learn in class.

Course Name Start Date Location
 Reading and Acting Shakespeare’s Hamlet  Tue, Jan 9, 10a-12p  1010 Westwood, B17
 Writing That Changes Lives  Tue, Jan 16, 10a-12p  1010 Westwood, 413
 Gentle Yoga  Thur, Jan 11, 6:30-8p  1145 Gayley Center, 119
 Tai Chi: The Art of Effortless Move  Wed, Jan 24, 1p-3p  1010 Westwood, B17
 Life Stories Worth Telling  Wed, Feb 14, 10a-12p  1010 Westwood, 310